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Introducing Imager Duo

Labs on the cutting edge have long relied on imaging for streamlined workflows and improved diagnostic confidence in cervical cancer screening. Currently 75% of the leading ThinPrep Pap tests are being imaged.* But we’re still making progress in advancing quality of care. Introducing the Imager Duo, the newest addition to the ThinPrep Imaging family. Let more speed and increased functionality keep your laboratory on the cutting edge of cervical cancer screening.

Faster Imaging Speed

The Imager Duo processes slides faster than the ThinPrep Imaging System. This means powerful support of lean workflow by finishing slides more quickly and getting them to cytotechnologists sooner to:

  • Decrease waiting time
  • Promptly meet deadlines
  • Decrease turnaround time to improve customer service

Convenient Stat Slide Runs

With the Imager Duo, you have the ability to interrupt a slide run to accommodate a stat request without waiting for a cassette to finish.

Enhanced Cassette Access

The doors on the Imager Duo are translucent allowing for cassette identification while in the instrument. And, the doors open wider for easier access while loading and unloading cassettes.

Improved Report Functionality

More comprehensive reporting is now available. Report data can be exported to the network accessible storage drive or USB for convenient remote access.

Enhanced Database Backup

Your database can now be backed up to HNET, Hologic’s network accessible storage drive, so that burning CDs or DVDs is no longer necessary. And, you can schedule backups for a time that’s convenient for you and program them on a recurring basis, without worrying about interrupting your workflow. If you prefer hard media, data can also be backed up to USB as well.

Expanded Barcode Capabilities

In addition to reading standard OCR 7/7 labels, the Imager Duo can read 1D and 2D barcodes as well as encoded alphanumerics to streamline workflow in your lab. This enhanced compatibility decreases the opportunity for mistakes and fewer steps in the process mean cost savings for you.

To learn more about the Imager Duo, download the brochure now or view a product video.

Imager Duo is compatible with both the ThinPrep Review Scope and the Review Scope Manual Plus.

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*Data on file

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