About the ThinPrep Imaging System

Introducing Review Scope Manual Plus

The Review Scope Manual Plus is another scope option for use with the ThinPrep Imaging System.  By combining the features of a Review Scope with the flexibility of a standard microscope, it provides increased comfort and control to the cytotechnologist.

All the benefits of the ThinPrep Review Scope plus…

  • Greater control – During Autoscan, the Review Scope Manual Plus provides the cytotechnologist the ability to move the stage manually, providing greater flexibility and control
  • Increased comfort – Ergonomically designed controls allow for intuitive stage adjustments
  • Reduced space – The Review Scope Manual Plus can also be used as a manual scope for the screening of non imaged slides, eliminating the need for two scopes within the work station

Additional features include…

  • Touch Screen control that creates a modern, user-friendly interface
  • 4x, 10x and 40x objectives
  • Automatic alignment of fiducial marks on ThinPrep Imaging System slides
  • Designed to be used with a standard or telescoping head

To learn more about the Review Scope Manual Plus, download the brochure now or view a demonstration.

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