Laboratory Professionals

Body Fluids

(Serous effusions, urinary and cerebrospinal fluids)

1) Collection

Collect body fluids fresh.

  • Fluids collected in CytoLyt solution require a CytoLyt solution wash prior to instrument processing.
  • For extremely bloody fluids (i.e., pericardial) start with only 10ml of fresh fluid.
  • Urine may be collected into PreservCyt solution. A 2:1 urine-to-PreservCyt ratio is required. UroCyte urine collection kit is recommended.

2) Concentrate by Centrifugation

(600g for 10 minutes)

3) Pour Off Supernatant and Resuspend Cell Pellet

Resuspension can be done on a vortexor or may be achieved by syringing the pellet back and forth with a plastic pipette.

4) CytoLyt Solution Wash

  • Add 30ml CytoLyt solution
  • Centrifuge
  • Pour off supernatant
  • Resuspend cell pellet

5) Evaluate Cell Pellet Appearance

If cell pellet is not free of blood, add 30ml of CytoLyt and repeat from step 2.

6) Add Specimen to PreservCyt Solution Vial


7) Allow to Stand in PreservCyt Solution for 15 Minutes.

8) Run on ThinPrep Processor Using Sequence 2(FLU/FNA)

(Fix,stain, and evaluate)

Refer to the ThinPrep processor operator's manual for detailed instrument and specimen preparation instructions.

The Cellient Automated Cell Block System is the first fully automated cell block system.

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