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Cellient Automated Cell Block System:
More consistency, clarity, and cellularity from every block

The Cellient Automated Cell Block System is the first fully automated cell block system. The vacuum-assisted filtration concentrates available cells within the block, so you're left with diagnostically useful, higher-quality blocks you can review more efficiently — all in under an hour.

The Cellient system performs where traditional cell blocks fall short

Cellient is the only fully automated cell block system.


With the Cellient system, expect improvements in capture, presentation, and consistency over your current cell block technology.

Improved capture

  • Vacuum-assisted filtration
  • Captures available cells, maximizing cellularity even from small/scanty samples
  • Built on ThinPrep technology

Improved presentation

  • Helps maintain crisp, clear cellular architecture
  • Creates concentrations of cells within the block
  • Reviews of cytology and cell block simultaneously
  • Supports easier and more productive pathology review

Improved consistency

  • High-quality blocks
  • Fully automated with minimal operator dependency
  • Less cross-contamination risk
  • Consistently rapid processing time (45 minutes or less)

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