Laboratory Professionals

Mucoid Specimens

(Respiratory and gastrointestinal specimens)

1) Collection

Collect sample directly into CytoLyt solution, OR add 30ml of Cytolyt solution to the fresh specimen as soon as possible.

Note: Large specimens (greater than 20ml) should be concentrated before addition of Cytolyt solution to the sample.

If DTT is being used with respiratory mucuid samples, add stock before agitation. See below for preparation instructions.

The use of Dithiothreitol (DTT) has shown to reduce the amount of mucus present in trespiratory samples.1,2 To use DTT with the ThinPrep system, prepare a stock solution by adding 2.5g DTT to 30ml of CytoLyt solution. This solution is suitable for use for 1 week when stored at room temperature (15-30° C). Add 1ml of stock solution to the sample.

2) Mechanical Agitation

Note: Vortex for a minimum of 5 minutes in "hands-free" vortexor.

3) Concentrate by Centrifugation

(600g for 10 minutes)

4) Pour Off Supernatant and Resuspend Cell Pellet

Resuspension can be done on a vortexor or may be achieved by syringing the pellet back and forth with a plastic pipette.

5) Evaluate Cell Pellet Appearance

Confirm the cell pellet is in liquid form. If the cell pellet is not in liquid form, add 30ml CytoLyt solution and repeat steps 2 and 4.

6) Add Specimen to PreservCyt Solution Vial


7) Allow to Stand in PreservCyt Solution for 15 Minutes.


8) Run on ThinPrep Processor Using Sequence 3 (Mucoid)

(Fix, stain, and evaluate)

Refer to the ThinPrep processor operator's manual for detailed instrument and specimen preparation instructions.


1. Tockman MS, et al. Safe separation of sputum cells from mucoid glycoprotein. Acta Cytologica. 1995;39(6):1128-36.

2. Tang CS, et al. Dithiothreitol homogenization of prefixed sputum for lung cancer detection. Diagnostic Cytopathology. 1994;10(1):76-81.

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Allow to stand in PreservCyt Solution for 15 minutes.

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