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UroCyte Slide Preparation

UroCyte is a standardized slide preparation method used with urine specimens for cytology and/or slide-based molecular testing. The system will transfer a thin layer of cells onto a slide in a 10mm circle area.

Urine cytology processing or slide-based molecular testing
(For use with urine cytology processing or slide-based molecular testing)

1) Collection

Collect urine directly into the ThinPrep UroCyte urine collection kit, OR process urine fresh.* (Note: fresh urine can be mixed with a 2:1 urine to PreservCyt solution ratio and stored for up to 48 hours before processing.)

2) Concentrate by Centrifugation

  • Transfer the sample evenly into two labeled 50ml centrifuge tubes.
  • Centrifuge at 600g for 10 minutes.

3) Pour Off Supernatant and Resuspend Cell Pellet

Resuspension can be done on a vortexor or may be achieved by syringing the pellet back and forth with a plastic pipette.

4) Add CytoLyt Solution Wash

  • Add 30ml of CytoLyt solution to one 50ml centrifuge tube and vortex. Transfer the contents of this tube into the second 50ml centrifuge tube and vortex. The specimen is now combined into one 50ml tube. The empty tube can be discarded.
  • Centrifuge
  • Pour off supernatant
  • Resuspend cell pellet

5) Evaluate Cell Pellet Appearance

If cell pellet is not free of blood, add 30ml of CytoLyt solution and repeat from step 4.

6) Add Specimen to PreservCyt Solution Vial

Allow to stand in PreservCyt solution for 15 minutes.

7) Run on ThinPrep 2000 Processor Using Sequence 5 (UroCyte)

(Fix, stain, and evaluate cytology, or perform molecular diagnostic testing according to the manufacturer's instructions for use.)

For detailed specimen preparation instructions, refer to the ThinPrep 2000 processor operator's manual.

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ThinPrep UroCyte Urine Collection Kit
Instructions for using the ThinPrep UroCyte urine collection kit

Step 1)

On the specimen collection cup, record patient information in the space provided.

Step 2)

Collect urine in a routine manner. If urine volume exceeds 60ml, pour off excess. The total volume of urine must not exceed 60ml. A minimum of 33ml of urine is required to perform the Vysis UroVysion assay.

Step 3)

After the urine is collected, carefully pour PreservCyt solution into specimen cup containing urine. Do not spill PreservCyt solution.

Step 4)

Tightly secure blue cap on the specimen cup to prevent leakage. (Keep turning for another 1/4 inch after you hear the audible click.)

Step 5)

Place cup and absorbent pads into the biohazard bag. Tightly seal bag.

Step 6)

Store between 4°C and 30°C (39°F-86°F). Preferred storage and shipping conditions are on ice packs (e.g., blue ice in Styrofoam™). Specimen must be processed within 48 hours. Transport the specimen according to your internal procedures.

Please refer to the ThinPrep UroCyte PreservCyt instructions for use for complete instructions and information on limitations, warnings, and precautions associated with the use of PreservCyt solution.

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