Common Questions About Ordering

Common Questions About Ordering

Find answers to commonly asked general questions about the ThinPrep Pap Test and the ThinPrep Imaging System.

You can also contact Customer Service from 8:30–5:30 EST Monday through Friday (except holidays).

Phone: 1-800-442-9892 (option 5)

Fax: 508-229-2860

For international requests and to locate your nearest supplier for the ThinPrep Pap Test, please click here.

1. Can GYN filters be bought separately?

The ThinPrep Processor filters were FDA-approved for use in conjunction with ThinPrep Pap Test slides. Because of this, the filter and slides are sold as a kit, and cannot be purchased separately.

2. Can GYN vials be sold separately?

As in the case of the previous question, Hologic’s FDA approval is based on use of the broom or brush/spatula collection device. In order for us to ensure that the appropriate device is being used with our test, we bundle the collection device with the vial.

3. Is Hologic the manufacturer and sole distributor of the ThinPrep Pap Test and the ThinPrep Imaging System products?

Yes. Hologic is a leader in women's healthcare. Products such as the ThinPrep Pap Test and the ThinPrep Imaging System are solely manufactured and distributed by our skilled team to ensure the highest quality standards.

4. Can a standing order be phoned in?

A standing order (either GYN or non-GYN) must be mailed or faxed in to Customer Service to ensure correct product and shipping dates.

5. Can an order be phoned in regardless of dollar amount?

An order may be called in if the total dollars on the purchase order are under $50,000. If the dollar amount of the order exceeds $50,000 the order must be mailed or faxed in for processing.

6. The part number of the ThinPrep Pap Test Kit is either 70096-001 or 70096-003. When the product is received, the packing list breaks down the kit into 4 different part numbers. Why?

The kit is made up of four individual components with individual part numbers, two of which relate to the ThinPrep Imaging System. When the warehouse receives the order from customer service, they need these four part numbers to pick the correct items and complete each individual kit. The invoice will show only the relevant part numbers. For more information on the configuration of the kit, please see our PDF file: ThinPrep Pap Test - Packaging Explained. You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™.

7. Why must a customer be trained in order to purchase GYN filters?

Hologic maintains strict control over the usage of the ThinPrep Pap Test for GYN use to ensure proper use and to verify that all customers receive appropriate training in order to help maintain the highest standards at all times. See our ThinPrep Pap Test Training Program page for more information.

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